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    The RedefyFlatFee Promise


    Are you in search of a real estate partner in Hampton Roads? Introducing RedefyFlatFee, a full-service, flat rate fee real estate team that specializes in selling your home and saving you money. Unlike other any other real estate firm in the area, our low commission fee of $5,500 never changes, no matter the sale price. For the flat fee, you will receive all the tools needed to sell your home including an in-home consultation with a dedicated realtor, pictures of your house for the listing taken by professional photographers and a personalized marketing strategy tailored to attract potential buyers to your home.

    You might think, that sounds crazy or how is that possible?! RedefyFlatFee has found that this strategy works in every market climate and is most beneficial to sellers. When working with traditional real estate firms it can be difficult for sellers to understand what exactly their costs will be. Sellers who list their home with RedefyFlatFee have a better idea of what their final costs and profit will be which makes the selling process significantly easier.

    When partnering with RedefyFlatFee, clients should know that their agents have their best interests in mind. Some common tips we give our sellers to help aid the sale of their home are:

    • When deciding on the listing price of your home, follow the recommendation of your agent.
    • The Market Value of your home is determined by buyers and may not match what you thought was the value.
    • Be open to ideas that will speed up the sale of your home instead of just reducing the price

    Partner with RedefyFlatFee for all your Hampton Roads real estate needs. Our unmatched strategy will help sell your home fast and take home more money than ever before.