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    Real Estate Contracts

    There are many types of real estate contracts, but the most common one is between a home buyer and a home seller. Entering a real estate contract can be intimidating, especially for first-time home bu

    Benefits of Buyer Broker Agreements

    In the real estate industry, it is a standard practice that sellers enter into agreements with listing firms. Nowadays, buyers are also entering into agreements with brokers for representation and gui

    Pricing is Right

    If you plan to sell your Hampton Roads home, your first question will likely be how much can I sell my house for? In this blog post, we will breakdown all you need to know about determining the price

    Hampton Roads Real Estate Market Q2 Update

    Trying to decide when would be the best time to buy or sell your Hampton Roads home? RedefyFlatFee can help! With our handy MLS tool we are able to complete a

    Steps to Buying a Home

    Whether you are buying your first home in Hampton Roads or have purchased a home before, there is no denying that the home buying process can be complicated. Knowing what to expect can help make the p

    Preparing to Sell Your Home

    Have you been thinking about selling your Hampton Roads home, but are not sure where or how to start?

    All About Home Owner’s Insurance

    Are you in the process of buying a home? If you are, you know there are many facets in purchasing a home and it is easy to feel confused and overwhelmed with making sure everything goes smoothly. We a

    For Sale By Owner – Good or Bad?

    If you are considering putting your home on the market, you might be contemplating whether to list your house For Sale By Owner or use an agency to list your home. Before you make your choice, let’s

    Why does it cost so much to sell my home?

    Considering selling your home? If so, you’ve probably heard that selling your home can be expensive and you might be wondering why. One of our missions at RedefyFlatFee is to help sellers...

    The RedefyFlatFee Promise

    Are you in search of a real estate partner in Hampton Roads? Introducing RedefyFlatFee, a full-service, flat rate fee real estate team that specializes in selling your home and saving you money...

    Hampton Roads Real Estate Market Q1 Update

    Are you planning to buy or sell a home in Hampton Roads this year? Buying or selling a home is an exciting life event and we bet you’re anxious to get started...


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